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Fancy doing some sport as a family and taking in the Breton countryside at the same time? Helmets on and on your bikes! In Brittany, the gentle gradients will allow the whole family to take in the beautiful landscapes, with the key word being safety first. 

The Greenways: take your time and enjoy the ride

Come and explore the countryside on Brittany’s Greenways network of safe trails and enjoy country outings and exercise at the same time. Here, there are no cars allowed, only cyclists, walkers and roller skaters (horse riding is permitted along certain stretches). The clear sign posting and specially adapted surfaces will help you cover the length and breadth of Brittany, around 2000km spread over 8 different trails.

Are your little ones between 0 and 6 years of age? Then take them on the specially adapted trails with smooth environmentally-friendly or asphalt surfaces. Even the youngest children will have no trouble in riding their bikes with stabilisers. For parents, the surface is also perfect for buddy bikes and trailers, often heavily loaded with both children and the picnic!

For 6-12 year olds, you can choose from one of the numerous trails that have more rugged surfaces (stabilised or natural). The Greenways are all at least 2.5 metres wide, allowing your children to overtake and race each other in safety, and also to learn how to share the trail with other cyclists and pedestrians. But make sure to stay on the right hand side and use your bell to let people know you’re coming.

Mountain biking: for speed freaks!

Do your older children need to let off some steam on their mountain bikes? Let them practice on some of the specially adapted courses here, in Brittany. To practice using their gears and have a go at some steeper trails, head for one of the many mountain bike points. They are the gateway to around 200 km of trails across Brittany, and provide all the necessary advice and supervision to mountain bike in complete safety.

Fancy a cycle? Then why not hire one?

The car’s already full, and you still have to get the tent and the pushchair on the roof rack, but you promised John that he could try out his lovely new red bike on holiday...Don’t panic, choose rent-a-bike, the ideal solution that allows the whole family to enjoy an afternoon or two, cycling around the Breton countryside. You’ll find there are numerous companies offering a wide range of bike and accessory hire, and sometimes you’ll even find that this service is available at your B&B or campsite. Some of the professional bike hire companies even have drop off points which means you don’t have to return the bike to where you picked it up from.

Rent a bike

Did you know?

It’s four o’clock. Time for tea!

For a quick snack or a teatime picnic, you’ll find a number of rest areas along the Greenways. An ideal moment for the children to enjoy a nibble and of course to eat with their fingers! Wooden bench tables, play equipment and toilet facilities will help you make the most of your break and of course you can enjoy some of the Breton specialities that you brought in your hamper.  You’ll definitely set off on the right foot after that.

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