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These boots are made for walking…

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Tempted by a short hike but not sure where to venture for an enjoyable and safe walk? Come and make the most of the great outdoors on one of the specially chosen trails where the whole family can walk to their heart’s content. 

Easy access trails

Children aged 0-6 years often prefer to stay in the pushchair rather than walk. In order to choose the best trail for you, get in touch with the local tourist office where they can advise you on trails best suited to your family. If a trail doesn’t state whether it’s suitable for particular groups, choose those with wheelchair access; you’ll be guaranteed a trail with gentle gradients and wide enough to get the pushchair round.

The Sentier des Douaniers trail, for all those budding buccaneers

The GR 34, otherwise known as the ‘Sentier des Douaniers’ gets its name from its original use, protecting the Breton coastline from attack by smugglers. It runs along 2000 km of Breton coastline and offers a multitude of fantastic sea viewing points. Some parts of this trail are rather steep, so in order that the whole family can truly benefit from the wonderful scenery this trail is best reserved for children 6 years and over. 

Green light on the Greenways

On these major trails which criss-cross Brittany, safety is the key word. In fact, here, there are no cars to disturb your family day out. Whether you’re walking along the towpath, along the old disused railway lines, or in the heart of some of the most legendary forests, all of these trails offer a simply bucolic experience. And if the kids want to speed things up a bit, they can bring their roller skates. They’ll have no trouble whizzing along on the specially adapted surfaces.


Pedestrian circuits: get back to where you started

Not too keen on the idea of going too far and then having to find your way back? Choose one of the many pedestrian circuits. They take about an hour or so and allow the whole family to enjoy a short hike, but always end up at the point you started at. All the family will enjoy walking along these peaceful pathways, without having to worry about busy roads and traffic. There are lots of trails, so contact the local tourist office who’ll give you all the necessary information.

Guided walks: follow that guide!

There’s nothing quite like exploring Brittany with a guide at your side to explain everything along the way. You’ll discover all the charms of hidden and undiscovered places that only the guides know about, and you’ll get to see all their favourite places. And for a truly unforgettable moment with local people who are really passionate about Brittany, why not try a Brittany Experience and get to see this region in a completely different way.

Did you know?

It’s four o’clock. Time for tea!

For a quick snack or a teatime picnic, you’ll find a number of rest areas along the Greenways. An ideal moment for the children to enjoy a nibble and of course to eat with their fingers! Wooden bench tables, play equipment and toilet facilities will help you make the most of your break and of course you can enjoy some of the Breton specialities that you brought in your hamper.  You’ll definitely set off on the right foot after that.

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