• Le Narval - Brittany

    Le Narval

    32 avenue Charles Guernier
    35400 Saint-Malo
    'When I grow up, I'm going to be a ship's captain!' Just one of the ideas inspired by the Narval. With its red toe rail, this sailing vessel seems made for cruising in the buccaneers' bay.

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  • L'André-Yvette - Brittany


    46 avenue du 4 août 1944
    56000 Vannes
    Maurice, skipper of the André-Yvette, takes good care of little matelots and their parents. This is the perfect boat for relaxing onboard! Which makes you want to hoist the sails!

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  • Ausquémé - Brittany


    Rue du Port
    22710 Penvénan
    Setting sail onboard a fabulous ship isn't rocket science. Especially when Nico is the captain. You can rely on him to recognise all the animals of the Sept-Îles.

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  • Belle de Vilaine - Brittany

    Belle de Vilaine

    At full sail, there is so much to discover onboard the Belle de Vilaine. Close to nature, onboard a real sailing ship, share some unique experiences in Morbihan.

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  • Krog E Barz - Brittany

    Krog E Barz

    56640 Arzon
    Board the ship after breakfast at Port-Navalo. The crossing is calm and the conditions absolutely ideal for everyone to take the tiller or hoist the sails.

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  • Cap Sizun - Brittany

    Cap Sizun

    Communauté de communes du cap sizun
    Rue Renoir
    29770 Audierne
    This type of vessel is called a 'cul-de-poule'. Little ones will giggle to hear that it means 'hen's bottom'. Adults may know it as a type of mixing bowl in France. Whatever the meaning, after a voyage around…

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  • Ar Jentilez - Brittany

    Ar Jentilez

    Plage de Trestraou
    22700 Perros-Guirec
    The extraordinary pink granite rock formations of the coast and the thousands of sea birds of the Sept-Îles offer a real feast for the eyes! Are you ready for a high definition feature film in real life?

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  • An Durzunel - Brittany

    An Durzunel

    Plage de Port Mer
    35260 Cancale
    Aspiring sailors and dedicated gourmets will be in their element onboard the An Durzunel. While some take the tiller, others can tuck in to local specialities in the Bay of Cancale.

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  • Fal Ben - Brittany

    Fal Ben

    24 chemin de Gravellic
    56610 Arradon
    Tiny ports, desert islands, brightly coloured boats that seem to belong to the toy box... the Gulf of Morbihan delights young and old! Onboard the Fal Ben, you can enjoy all of this in total safety.

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  • Le Grand Lejon - Brittany

    Le Grand Lejon

    31 rue Arsène Simon
    22190 Plérin
    Singing, steering, sailing, fishing, picnics, stories... how time flies onboard the Grand Léjon. The day of your trip rushes by like the wind!

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  • La Sainte Jeanne - Brittany

    La Sainte Jeanne

    Maison de la Mer
    Rue du Port
    22430 Erquy
    Mummy, do the little boats on the water have legs?' No they don't, which is why your arms come in handy. Tiny or tough, your arms can help with hoisting the sails or taking the tiller of the Sainte-Jeanne.

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  • La Marie Georgette - Brittany

    La Marie Georgette

    Café le Gavroche
    Keraudren Hent Pors Hir
    22820 Plougrescant
    The Marie-Georgette glides peacefully past the 'pebble fields' of Plougrescant. Take time to enjoy this meeting of land and sea, traditional sailing and good company.

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  • Belle Etoile - Brittany

    Belle Etoile

    Club Nautique Léo Lagrange
    Quai Téphany
    29570 Camaret-sur-Mer
    With her magnificent shape and sails, the Belle-Etoile makes everyone's eyes light up! A magical experience on Breton waters to share with family or friends.

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  • Le Popoff - Brittany

    Le Popoff

    29900 Concarneau
    Who'll hoist the jib? Who'll deal with the mizzen sail? Luckily, the crew will show you what to do. So you can relax and get your sea legs onboard this 100% traditional sailing ship.

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  • La Cancalaise - Brittany

    La Cancalaise

    Port de Port Mer
    35260 Cancale
    Go like the wind in total safety onboard the Cancalaise. Thoroughly ship-shape, this traditional fishing boat glides through the waves with remarkable ease! Sensations to be shared!

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