Ar Jentilez

Enter a magical world onboard the Ar Jentilez.

Perros-Guirec, Côtes-d'Armor

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Ar Jentilez
Centre nautique de Perros Guirec
Plage de Trestraou
22700 Perros-Guirec

The extraordinary pink granite rock formations of the coast and the thousands of sea birds of the Sept-Îles offer a real feast for the eyes! Are you ready for a high definition feature film in real life?
From the moment you climb aboard at Perros-Guirec, Philippe puts everyone at ease. You can rely on the skipper to make sure you enjoy the pink granite coast from the very best vantage points. He will also be delighted to teach you some sailing techniques on board this elegant goêmonier, a vessel traditionally used for seaweed gathering. You can choose between taking the tiller, hoisting or trimming the sails...or daydreaming as you admire the scenery. Alternatively, try your hand at angling. A line in the water, a twitch and voila: a mackerel! As you approach Sept-Îles, gannets, puffins and even seals begin to accompany the boat. Sometimes dolphins come and play in the wake. All this excitement works up an appetite, and everyone goes ashore at Île aux Moines to share a picnic. Cider, terrines, cake and other local produce come out of the hold. A delicious day in every sense of the word!

Details of the offer

Type of leisure facility

  • By the sea
  • Traditional sailing boats

Suitable for children from

  • 6-9 years
  • 9-12 years


  • Outdoor Equipment

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  • Activity for which charge is made

Committed to sustainable tourism

  • Recycling point
  • Environmental awareness

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Brittany's professionals will do all they can to facilitate your family holiday with children under 15!

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