Balade à la palme en Baie de Morlaix

Dive into history in Morlaix Bay

Plougasnou, Finistère

Picture 1 Balade à la palme en Baie de Morlaix Picture 2 Balade à la palme en Baie de Morlaix Picture 3 Balade à la palme en Baie de Morlaix

Balade à la palme en Baie de Morlaix
Ecole de plongée de Plougasnou
Quai André Déan - Port Du Diben
BP 39
29630 Plougasnou

This underwater voyage will allow budding divers to take a look at the animal and plant life in Morlaix Bay. But that is not all. When they come out of the water, they can launch an offensive on a 16th Century fortress with a guided tour lasting an hour.
After a quick boat trip from Plougasnou, budding divers can put on their wetsuits, flippers, mask and snorkel to discover the wealth of life on the sea bed. A marine guide will help them discover sponges, sea grasses (which sometimes flower) and scallops. The guiding principle is to offer a fun outing, which is also educational. Once out of the water, your kids can discover the three levels of the Taureau fortress, which was built in the 16th Century to protect Morlaix from the English. What an adventure! On the way back, you will be able to watch all the birds including razorbills. If you’re really lucky, you will also encounter dolphins, which have settled off Plougasnou. This trip for the family is available from May to October. Bring along a picnic and some warm clothes for your little heroes.

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