Belle de Vilaine

Create beautiful memories onboard the Belle de Vilaine!

Billiers, Morbihan

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Belle de Vilaine
Voiles Traditionnelles en Baie de Vilaine
56190 Billiers

At full sail, there is so much to discover onboard the Belle de Vilaine. Close to nature, onboard a real sailing ship, share some unique experiences in Morbihan.
Decked out in emerald green, with a yellow band around the bulwark, the Belle has a freshly authentic feel. From Billiers or Pénerf, where the sea mingles with the salt marshes, slow and steady, the ship gains the open sea, making for its favourite pleasure-ground, where the sails can be unfurled. A course is set for Houat or Hoëdic! As you help with manoeuvres, you get to know the boat, its history and its secrets. The crew members have always got an anecdote to tell or a bird or sailor's tip to show you. Conviviality naturally takes over on deck, and stays with you when you go ashore to visit a glorious granite formation studded with wonderful coves and white sandy beaches. On your return, you'll be an 'expert' in jibs, tailwinds, rudders... It's such a joy to relive this little bit of history!

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  • By the sea
  • Traditional sailing boats

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  • 6-9 years
  • 9-12 years


  • Outdoor Equipment

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