Brocéliande Gardens

A fun garden and a great idea for a day out with the kids!

Bréal-sous-Montfort, Ille et Vilaine

Qualité Tourisme
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Brocéliande Gardens
Les Jardins de Brocéliande
Les Mesnils
35310 Bréal-sous-Montfort

This flower-filled park is just 15 minutes from Rennes. It’s a great place to enjoy recreational fun as well as exploring the botany and artistry of the place. Ideal for all age groups!
This is more than just a garden! Children will love taking part in the “Activate your senses” activity, a maze that you cross blindfolded whilst gettin a different view of nature, and why not have a go at the “Wake up your feet” trail, where you encounter over 45 different items or textures over a one kilometre trail that’s inspired by the gardens already seen! This includes buckwheat grains, rubber, quartz, sand, shells, and pebbles of various shapes and colours alongside a maze of dahlias, marble, sandstone, grains, volcanic ash, shale and slate. This is a 24-acre flowered parkland where there’s plenty to do, including a beach, a games area and botanical collections. And what could be better than a garden that takes the needs of disabled people into account!

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Details of the offer

Type of leisure facility

  • In nature
  • Parks and gardens

Entertainment : Yes

Location of the accommodation

  • In the country
  • In the woods

Access for the Disabled : Yes

Suitable for children from

  • 3-6 years
  • 9-12 years
  • 6-9 years
  • 0-3 years

Languages spoken

  • English
  • Spanish


  • Outdoor Equipment


  • Qualité Tourisme

Tourisme Handicap label

  • Mental handicap
  • Motor handicap

Practical information

Type of service

  • Activity for which charge is made

Method of payment

  • Holiday vouchers

Committed to sustainable tourism

  • Recycling point
  • Buys local products
  • Environmental awareness
  • Energy saving

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Brittany's professionals will do all they can to facilitate your family holiday with children under 15!

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