Cap Sizun

With all the family aboard the Cap Sizun, the coast is even more beautiful!

Audierne, Finistère

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Cap Sizun
Bateau Cap Sizun
Communauté de communes du cap sizun
Rue Renoir
29770 Audierne

This type of vessel is called a 'cul-de-poule'. Little ones will giggle to hear that it means 'hen's bottom'. Adults may know it as a type of mixing bowl in France. Whatever the meaning, after a voyage around Finistère, you'll know it as a fantastic ship.
As a former lobster boat, the Cap Sizun offers you comfort with plenty of space. The ten passengers and four crew members move easily amongst the ropes when it's time to hoist the sails. "We're here to enjoy ourselves," says Fred, the skipper, speaking with a strong Breton accent. You have three hours to discover old-style sailing. The typical hull bespeaks the history of fishing and the lives of the sailors of yesteryear. A short distance away, the magnificent Bay of Audierne lies before you. Sailing along the coast you can contemplate this jewel of the Breton coastline. Sand and pebble bars hem 'Bigouden' country, as Finistère is sometimes known. After Pors-Poulhan harbour, the dunes of Tronoën appear, and the water is peppered with surfers. As you approach La Torche, it's time to turn around. What, already?!

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