Guided tour of Trézien lighthouse

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Plouarzel, Finistère

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Guided tour of Trézien lighthouse
Phare de Trézien
Route du Phare
29810 Plouarzel

Rising 37 metres above sea level, the light from Trézien lighthouse can be seen 42km out to sea. From the top of the lighthouse, suspended between earth and sky, you'll get a completely different view of the coastline and the sea.
Built in 1894 and automated a hundred years later, Trézien lighthouse stands 500 metres from the shore, near Plouarzel, at the tip of North Finistère. From its impressive height of 37.2 metres, it keeps a stoic watch over the entrance to the Chenal du Four channel, which marks out the division between the Atlantic Ocean and the English Channel. In summer, visitors can go inside the lighthouse and see the lamp whose beam illuminates the high seas for up to 42 metres from the coastline. Take your time as you climb the 182 steps of the staircase that winds its way round the tower of dressed stone. You're rewarded with an amazing panoramic viewpoint, from where you can see as far as Corsen Point, the site of the regional sea-rescue centre, CROSS Corsen.

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