Saint-Malo Grand Aquarium

Dive into an underwater world of the imagination

Saint-Malo, Ille et Vilaine

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Saint-Malo Grand Aquarium
Grand Aquarium de Saint-Malo
Avenue du Général Patton
BP 27
35402 Saint-Malo

In Saint-Malo, the Grand Aquarium will let you discover life under the ocean waves in total immersion. You’ll be surrounded by sharks and giant turtles in the ‘Anneau des mers’ underwater viewing tunnel, dive to the depths of the ocean in the Nautibus - and you can even touch the fish!
More than 6,000 underwater species are waiting to be discovered at the Grand Aquarium in Saint-Malo: giant Japanese crabs, piranhas, jelly fish, sea horses, barracudas, etc., but not forgetting the infinitely miniscule either – phyto- and zoo-plankton. During your visit, sail through cold seas and warm waters, as you make your way through the aquarium’s nine themed areas. Leaving a shipwrecked galleon surrounded by giant manta rays and sharks you find yourself in the more equatorial atmosphere of the mangroves, home to fish and turtles. In the ‘Anneau des mers’, or sea ring, you’ll find yourself at the very centre of a 360° aquarium where sharks and giant turtles live in harmony. Thrills guaranteed! And there’s more excitement to be had in the Nautibus mini submarine, where you can play hide and seek amongst the seaweed and famous Easter Island statues. Before you leave, don’t miss dipping your hand into the touching pool where you’ll see – and touch! - lots of smaller species of fish and starfish. A great day out, and the kids are sure to take home plenty of colourful memories!

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  • Aquarium

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  • By the sea

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  • 0-3 years

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  • English
  • German


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