Stand up paddle en Pays Léon

Enjoy the latest craze, Stand Up Paddle

Cléder, Finistère

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Stand up paddle en Pays Léon
Slash Paradise
29233 Cléder

Moving around the northern coast of Finistère on a stand up paddle in the Léon area is likely to please your children and teenagers: this is a recent activity, which is now very much in fashion and is great fun.
From the age of 12, your children can try their hand at the very latest sea sport, Stand Up Paddle, referred to as SUP. Standing on a board and propelled along by a paddle, you can walk on the water. In other words, you can get some unusual views. It’s not every day that you can walk on the water after all. Great fun, Stand up Paddle can be enjoyed by youngsters and the not so young. Eric is there as your guide to learn about this activity, which is organised on the northern coast of Finistère. Your guide is an expert in this sport. He will pass on his knowledge and who knows; maybe your children will develop a passion for this too. Apart from the sporting aspect, you will be able to share some time with your family with some amazing sights with clear waters and plenty of marine plant and animal life to see. Wetsuit, paddle and board are provided of course. All you need to do is slip on your bathing costume. Take a look at the website to see when these trips are organised.

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