At fun parks

Picture 1 At fun parks

Brittany, with its fun parks and water parks is simply a children’s paradise: bouncing up and down on trampolines, big thrills on the rollercoaster, whizzing down giant waterslides and navigating waterfalls. Having fun and letting off steam in safety, under the watchful eye of your parents; that’s the perfect recipe for some happy family memories. 

Fun Parks and Theme Parks

After an organised day out, children just need to let off steam and have fun. There are lots of opportunities in fun parks all across Brittany. Rollercoasters, big wheels, merry-go-rounds, mini karting, bouncy castles...and don’t forget the theme parks! There are so many different attractions that you can run and jump in all directions. It’s enough to make your head spin!

Theme Parks in Brittany

Leisure Parks in Brittany