• Plage de la baie des trépassés - Brittany

    Plage de la baie des trépassés

    29770 Cléden-Cap-Sizun
    The beautiful, crystal-clear water here is popular with surfers and swimmers. But it's also the unrivalled view of the Pointe du Raz and Pointe du Van on either side that has made the beach at Trépassés Bay (Bay…

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  • Plage du Portez - Brittany

    Plage du Portez

    29280 Locmaria-Plouzané
    A coast path borders this beautiful sandy beach, which faces due south. There are lots of activities on offer in summer. There's a car park nearby, making access easy.

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  • Plage de Tronoën - Brittany

    Plage de Tronoën

    29120 Saint-Jean-Trolimon
    This long sandy beach, with lots of pebbles and some beautiful dunes, has lifeguards in summer. It lies between La Torche and Kermabec beaches. At low tide, 10 km of beach are revealed, allowing you to walk to…

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  • La Grande Plage - Brittany

    La Grande Plage

    35800 Saint-Lunaire
    This is the most famous of Saint-Cast’s four beaches, the most sheltered and therefore the most family-friendly. From the sea wall, you can see the Grand Hôtel and get a magnificent view of the Pointe du…

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  • Plage du Val - Brittany

    Plage du Val

    35400 Saint-Malo
    This beach, with its fine sand, is located in the Rothéneuf district and is ideal for building sandcastles or swimming, even at low tide, as the sea doesn't go out very far.

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  • Plage de Kerguelen - Brittany

    Plage de Kerguelen

    56260 Larmor-Plage
    With fantastic views over the isle of Groix, Kerguelen beach, 1.6 km long, offers excellent water quality for swimming. It's also home to one of Europe’s biggest watersports centres where you can try a number of…

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  • Plage du Châtelet - Brittany

    Plage du Châtelet

    Rue du Châtelet
    22410 Saint-Quay-Portrieux
    This vast, fine sandy beach is protected by cliffs and edged by rocks that appear at low tide and are great for exploring. It is separated from Casino beach by a sea water pool with diving platform and paddling…

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  • Plage de Kerler - Brittany

    Plage de Kerler

    29170 Fouesnant
    Kerler beach, to the east of Bénodet, offers a superb view over the Glénan archipelago. An official naturist beach since 2004, it is located between Mousterlin and the Mer Blanche on a strip of shoreline…

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  • Plage de Port Navalo - Brittany

    Plage de Port Navalo

    Rue du Général de Gaulle
    56640 Arzon
    This pleasant sandy beach, located at the tip of the Arzon peninsula, is a favourite with families. There are all sorts of facilities close by: a car park, first-aid post, picnic tables, restaurants, beach-clubs…

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  • Plage les grands sables - Brittany

    Plage les grands sables

    Les grands sables
    56360 Locmaria
    Around 2km long, Grands Sables is Belle-Ile's longest beach. It is well-sheltered and makes the ideal spot for just chilling out on the sand or for getting active with some watersports.

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  • Plage de Porsmilin - Brittany

    Plage de Porsmilin

    29280 Locmaria-Plouzané
    At Porsmilin beach, watersports are the top attraction. If that's not your thing, the beach is also perfect for just relaxing and doing nothing, swimming in the sea, or showing the kids how to collect shellfish…

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  • Plage de Pentrez - Brittany

    Plage de Pentrez

    29550 Saint-Nic
    This big, beautiful beach has 4km of fine sand and is Saint-Nic’s main beach. It has lifeguards in summer, so you can swim in complete safety or enjoy lots of watersports (there’s a sand yachting club,…

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  • Plage de la Fosse aux Vaults - Brittany

    Plage de la Fosse aux Vaults

    35800 Saint-Lunaire
    This is Saint-Lunaire’s smallest beach and attracts fewer crowds than the other three, but it’s very popular with holidaymakers who want to relax in the peace and quiet, lulled by the sound of the waves. It has…

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  • Plage des Chevrets - Brittany

    Plage des Chevrets

    La Guimorais
    35350 Saint-Coulomb
    This sandy beach is located between the isle of Besnard and the Pointe du Meinga, both places where there is lots of varied flora and fauna.

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  • Plage de la Grève Noire - Brittany

    Plage de la Grève Noire

    Avenue Notre-Dame des Flots
    22410 Saint-Quay-Portrieux
    South-facing, this small, fine sandy beach owes its name to the changing colour of its sand. You can walk down to it from the 'Sentier des Douaniers' coastal path (custom officers' footpath) which offers…

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