By the sea

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By the sea you just can’t get bored. Try some water sports for some new sensations; see the coastline from a different angle. And if you fancy going out to sea, climb aboard an old sailing ship. Or maybe you’re more of a landlubber? Then why not take advantage of the low tide to get all the family gathering shellfish along the foreshore.

Traditional Sailing Ships

Climb aboard a traditional sailing ship, take the helm and listen to the sound of the wind whistling through the sails…It’s a young sailor’s dream...and parents’ too. Whether you fancy playing pirates or setting out on the ocean waves, Brittany’s sailing ships are ready and waiting. Anchors away!

Traditional Sailing Ships in Brittany

Sea Trips

Your children are too grown up for building sand castles on the beach? No problem: there are a host of nautical activities to occupy them in Brittany. They can have a go at kayaking, get their flippers, try stand-up paddle, or even sail a small boat; big thrills and wonderful landscapes, unforgettable memories for all the family.

Sea trips in Brittany

Gathering Shellfish

In Brittany, the tides are spectacular. As soon as the tide goes out, get your wellies on, grab a bucket and set off for a spot of shellfish gathering. Shells and crustaceans are just waiting for you. But don’t forget to respect this fragile environment.