Discovering science and history

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Whether your children just love stories about pirates and medieval castles,  or whether they want to learn how the solar system works or find out everything there is to know about the world’s great explorers, a stay in Brittany is the ideal occasion to find out more. 

Castles and Forts

If your children are mad about tales of knights and princesses, they will absolutely love Brittany. Castles, abbeys, lighthouses...impressive or elegant, many offer historic reconstructions and events that will delight curious little minds.

Castles and Forts in Brittany

Museums and Ecomuseums

Do your kids dream about being an archaeologist like an Indiana Jones in short trousers? Maybe their dad does too...From its 6000 year old megaliths to the turbulent life of Duchess Anne, Brittany is just one big playground for children. Numerous museums will help you retrace the history of the region. Or, if you prefer finding out how the Breton people really lived in the past, step back in time into one of the local ecomuseums.

Ecomuseums in Brittany

Museums in Brittany

Science and Engineering

The world is full of mysteries and some truly unbelievable phenomena. If your children want to know how the telephone works, where the stars go during the day, how boats float…Most of the science venues, planetariums and museums in Brittany organise workshops and other events that are sure to answer all their questions. 

Science and Engineering venues in Brittany