Enjoying nature

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Relaxing and revitalising, that’s what holidays are all about! Whether you prefer walking or getting involved in a treasure hunt, make the most of the great outdoors; and why not with a guide or storyteller... 

Guided Storytelling Walks

Brocéliande and its famous Arthurian legends, Huelgoat and its 100 tonne rock that even a child can move, the mysterious land of the Monts d’Arrée...Brittany is full of mythical landscapes, but watch out, you might just come across an enchantress or a korrigan, the Breton version of a cheeky leprechaun! And what if you were accompanied by a storyteller? With a little bit of magic and some fantastic stories, your children will be absolutely enchanted.

Guided Storytelling Walks in Brittany

Nature Trips

Tiny carnivorous plants in the marshes, seals relaxing on small islets, centenary trees and chaos rock formations: Brittany has numerous geological oddities and curiosities, both animal and organic. There are some surprising walks in store, but if you want more why not follow one of the nature guides. They will not only explain the landscapes to your children but also highlight the importance of protecting these wonders of nature for generations to come.

Nature Trips in Brittany

Treasure Hunts

And you’re off on the treasure hunt! All the family will need to get those brain cells working to solve the riddles, to find the right path and hopefully the treasure. It’s the ideal way to have fun and uncover all the mysteries of Brittany at the same time. 

Treasure Hunts in Brittany