Follow the frog

Picture 1 Follow the frog

If the sun hasn't got his hat on, don't despair; it does sometimes rain in Brittany but don't panic! The sun will soon be back to chase the clouds away but in the meantime, when it's perfect weather for ducks, it's a great excuse to enjoy some of the indoor activities on offer in the region.

In Brittany, the weather changes so often that you can sometimes get to see all four seasons in just one day. So why not make the most of it by getting the whole family kitted out in a pair of wellies and a waterproof, and you’ll discover that when it rains in Brittany the landscape is more beautiful than ever.

But it’s also the ideal occasion to see some of the many marvels on offer at Brittany’s aquariums such as seahorses or freshwater fish, or to go and have some family fun in one of the many covered leisure centres in the region. And if your children dream of being princesses, pirates or buccaneers then head off to one of the museums or historical sites in the area. Immersed in the world of their they’ll love it! And if you sometimes feel completely overwhelmed by questions like ‘why does the sun disappear at night?’ or ‘how do boats float?’ then many of the museums and discovery centres that organise ingenious workshops and educational events that will help them (and you) find the answers.

Indoor Equipments in Brittany