Place aux Mômes, Roll Up Kids - our seaside resorts go to the ends of the earth and back for your children

In Sensation Bretagne resorts during school holidays

Place aux Mômes is a festival which will keep your children entertained during their school holidays, in the 18 towns belonging to the Sensation Bretagne network.

Place aux Mômes organises more than 130 free events throughout the year. Of these, a hundred take place over the summer in Sensation Bretagne’s network of seaside towns. Storytelling, puppet shows, dance, theatre, music ... the programme is uncompromisingly upbeat, eclectic and full of surprises. Suitable for ages 4 and upwards, these events will have children pondering, dreaming, marvelling ... and, last but not least, laughing!

Over the winter holidays, theatre company Al et les Astrolabi will be performing ‘Mon cœur qui bat’ from February 20 to 25, 2012. Then Les Baladins du rire will tour the Sensation Bretagne towns between April 16 and 20, 2012, with ‘Bric-à-boîtes’

Throughout the summer, children holidaying by the sea will be entertained by no fewer than seven theatre companies. Look out for Le Cirque inachevé with ‘Piste and Love’, Les Acrobates amoureux with ‘Home Sweet Home’, Le Cirque Ilya with ‘Les Frères Panini’, La Compagnie Pyramid with ‘On n’est pas des clichés’, Les Frères Léon with ‘Zigzag’, Le Troubaquoi? with ‘Et voilà le travail!’ and last but not least Les 3 Valoches with ‘L’hôtel de Nulle part et d’ailleurs’. We’ve got some great events coming up!
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Who or what is Sensation Bretagne?

Sensation Bretagne is a group of 18 communes along the Brittany coast that are committed to supporting values like learning and sharing. These communes have united in a common purpose: to make sure you have a great holiday. Get the best out of your stay in Brittany by taking full advantage of its many beach clubs, guided walks, children’s events, and the Breizh Sable Tour, a series of sand sculpture workshops organised by Sensation.Bretagne.

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