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Children just love animals, but during the year you haven’t always got time to take them to the zoo, farm or aquarium. Make the most of your holiday in Brittany! From bats to sharks, elephants to bees, take a trip into the animal kingdom. 

Zoos and Wildlife Parks

Your youngest won’t let go of his favourite toy giraffe, and his big brother gasps in wonder at the physical exploits of all those wild jungle animals: the sheer speed of the leopards, the size of the elephants, and the agility of the marmosets... Head for a zoo if you want to discover pandas, lions and ostriches, but don’t forget all the other places you can visit to catch a glimpse of creatures we see all the time, but don’t really know very much about, such as bats and bees; Learn more about their unique universe.

Zoos and Wildlife Parks in Brittany


If we mentioned the name Nemo, your children would probably think of a little orange and white clown fish, whilst your mind would turn the famous captain Nemo in Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea – or maybe even the other way round. Whatever the case, if the underwater world fascinates you then don’t miss a visit to one of the many aquariums in the region. Whether they highlight Brittany’s coastline or the oceans of the world, put on shows or have a petting pool where you can actually touch the fish, the experience is sure to impress. 

Aquariums in Brittany