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Elves and Korrigans set off to explore the countryside

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Your children are no longer tied to your apron strings: they’ll be as intrepid as young elves and as curious as those little Breton leprechauns or ‘korrigans’,. They want to explore and experience the great wide world around them. As long as they’re safe, you’re happy to encourage them to venture out on their own and Brittany is just the place that the whole family’s been dreaming of.

Countryside treasure trail

Some ideas ? Why not try a treasure hunt ? With its legendary forests and wild heathland inhabited by elves, Brittany has many mysteries to unravel and hidden treasures to uncover. Walks with a guide or a storyteller are an excellent and rather unusual way to discover nature. Storytellers will enthral your children with fantastic mythical tales and the nature guides will reveal all the geological and botanical secrets of this land of legends.

Animal super powers

Are your little elves impressed by the super powers of their favourite animals? Are they forever asking questions? How do fish breathe underwater? How do bats see in the dark? Then take a trip to one of the many zoos, wildlife parks or aquariums in the region. Your little ones are sure to find the answers to all their questions, see some shows and maybe just be lucky enough to come face to face with or even touch some of the animals.

First adventures

And what about trying a tree top adventure trail? Most parks offer specially adapted trails for the under threes. Climbing up into the trees and swinging from branch to branch, isn’t that just every child’s dream...or adult’s for that matter?

Things to do for 3-6 year olds in Brittany

Relaxing holiday guaranteed!

On holiday, you want to relax, and your little ones don’t want to be treated like babies. The accommodation and restaurants in Brittany listed on this site are committed to making sure that you all have the perfect holiday. With a choice of well-balanced children’s meals, games and books on hand in your accommodation... You’ll have everything you need for a relaxing holiday! 

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