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Knights and fairies head off into a world of adventure

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Your kids have lots of different heroes: knights, fairies, Peter Pan, Princess Fiona and YOU of course. They’d love to be just like their heroes and are mad about the imaginary universe in which they live. A holiday in Brittany could be the perfect opportunity to learn more about some of these well-known characters, and to follow in their footsteps by heading off for a taste of adventure.

Face to face with kings, duchesses and Breton pirates

If your children love knights and princesses then they’ll just love Brittany. The region boasts a diverse collection of castles and châteaux, from the fortified keeps of the Middle Ages to the elegant palaces of more modern times. Many offer reconstructions that will give children a taste of what life was like for the people that lived there in former times. And if they have a thirst for knowledge and want to find out more about well-known characters such as King Nominoe, Duchesse Anne, the Chevalier Du Guesclin, or the pirates of Saint-Malo, then Brittany’s many museums are on hand with all the answers.

Slip sliding away

Just like their heroes, your children never tire of adventure: they love jumping up and down on their beds, climbing on tables and scaling the north face of the sofa. They need a safe environment where they can let off some steam! Take them to one of Brittany’s numerous fun or theme parks. They’ll be able to whizz down giant slides, jump on trampolines and go on rides...to their heart’s content.

Explorers in trainers

If you fancy burning up some energy whilst you visit the region, then when not hire some bikes, saddle-up and free wheel around Brittany. And among some of the other activities on offer don’t forget the tree top adventure trails where your children your can go all the way to the summit, high up in the treetops. 

Take the helm sailor!

When it comes to the sea, your children will be able to follow in the footsteps of some of the most well-known navigators and Breton pirates. There are lots of nautical activities on offer in the region that will allow the whole family to discover this magnificent coastline in a variety of ways: kayaking, on a boat or even wearing flippers. And if you want to navigate the high seas why not climb aboard a traditional Breton sailing ship. The kids might can take part in some of the manoeuvres and help to hoist the sails just like real sailors!

Things to do for 6-9 year olds in Brittany 

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