9 - 12 years

Gryffindor tries out some new experiences

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Your children are becoming more clever and agile every day. They love trying their hand at new things and want to know everything there is to know just like their Hogwart heroes. A holiday in Brittany is sure to quench their thirst for knowledge and offer them some new and exciting physical challenges.

As curious as Hermione

Your children are always asking questions but you don’t always have the answers. They’re interested in everything from the Milky Way to trimarans and megaliths, and once they’re hooked on something they want to know absolutely everything there is to know about it. In Brittany, the numerous museums, ecomuseums, science discovery centres and planetariums cover millions of subjects: daily life in the Neolithic period, how castles were built, sea fishing, the history of telecommunications... You’re sure to find something to satisfy their curiosity.

As adventurous as Ron

Brittany also offers a variety of activities for 9-12 year olds. Do they want to put themselves to the test and try things they’ve never done before?  Then why not have some family fun on a tree top adventure trail. Zip-lines, climbing, rope bridges...Let them show off their agility in complete safety.

As quick as Harry

And if you want to see more of Brittany, but at a slightly faster pace, then why not try hiring some bikes. The more intrepid cyclers can choose mountain biking and go really wild on the tracks and trails dedicated to the daredevils among you.

Things to do for 9-12 year olds in Brittany 

Operation happy holidays!

Whether it’s in the restaurant or at the hotel, your children are capable of doing more and more things on their own, but sometimes they still need your help. The Breton professionals listed on this site are committed to doing their very best to ensure that each member of your family feels completely at home during their holiday. Your accommodation will provide a list of things to do in the local area: some have kids clubs, specially adapted children’s menus in the restaurant...Your family comes first.

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