Great ideas for eating out

Picture 1 Great ideas for eating out

What shall we eat today? Who’s going to set the table? Whose turn is it to do the washing-up?  Give yourself a bit of time off during the holidays and escape from the daily grind by going to eat out with the family. Restaurant owners in Brittany have thought up children’s menus, baby kits and bright ideas to make it fun. So come on and enjoy your family meal in peace!

In Brittany every day is Pancake day!

With galettes (savoury buckwheat pancakes) and pancakes, every meal is like a celebration. Get to know the “complete” (egg, ham, cheese) that all children love, or let yourself go with the famous “beurre-sucre  (butter and sugar)” pancake. If you’d like to be a little more adventurous, give into the temptation of agalettewith chitterling sausage or a pancake with salted butter caramel. These culinary experiences are simple but always very tasty to try when you go out for the day with the family.

Our suggestion:   Crêperie Sucré-Salé

Eating out like grown-ups do 

When you think about holidays you think about going out to eat.  But how do you make this family occasion really relaxing? By visiting a restaurant that prides itself on giving a real family welcome! In this place they’ve thought of everything: high chairs, bottle-warmers, children's cutlery for the meal… and to keep them amused: games, books, and colouring books. Everything's laid on to make sure the whole family has a really relaxed meal.

Our suggestions:   Les Enfants Gathés, Restaurant Les Palis

 The friendly charms of  fermes auberges(farm inns)

When you sit down to eat in aferme aubergeyou combine the pleasures of the table with the charms of the Breton 'bocage'countryside.Here you can try the farm's produce in a family atmosphere. Your hosts, the farmer-innkeeper and his family, will share theircordon bleu talents with you. It’s a great way to discover regional specialities while feeling really at home.

To find out more:  The fermes auberges of the Welcome to the Farm Network 

 Outdoor excursions give you an appetite!

Whether you’re hungry as a hunter or just want to fill a little corner, there are plenty of leisure sites that have everything laid on to satisfy the appetites of small children, teenagers and their parents. These eating places offer a choice of menus, ranging from snacks to themed restaurants. On large, shaded terraces or in verdant nooks, you can enjoy your lunch break and continue on your way properly refreshed.

To find out more:   See under ‘activities’

Picnic baskets with a difference

For a really successful picnic, just bring along the tablecloth and the Breton farmers will see to the picnic basket! These baskets are exclusively made up of produce from the farm and include one savoury speciality, one dessert speciality and one drink, not forgetting plates, cutlery and glasses. It’s a way to make your holidays simpler and to sample the delicious local Breton produce. 

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